Welcome to the Shorecrest High School girl's basketball feeder program. 

We’re an independently-run organization, headed by parents and coaches of our 4th-8th grade, Shorecrest-bound girls.

Many high school basketball programs have feeder organizations. Ours starts at 4th grade from the elementary schools (Briarcrest, Brookside, Lake Forest Park Elementary, Ridgecrest, Kellogg Middle School, as well as private or home-schooled kids) who’s students will attend Shorecrest. The feeder program is an opportunity for our girls to play basketball and build chemistry with other girls from their grade who will be attending Shorecrest High School. 

The 2019-20 season is coming up, and our intent is to focus on player development and fundamentals and then give the girls in-game opportunities to apply their skills.


Parent's phone number *
Parent's phone number

Coaches (we are currently seeking program coaches):
Carlos Humphrey - 4th grade
OPEN - 5th grade
Marc Wallace & Ernie Madhavan - 6th grade
Brian Johnson & Paul Miner - 7th grade
OPEN - 8th grade

Our goal as coaches is to take players who are serious about basketball and help them compete, learn, develop, and be challenged. As coaches, we are devoted to basketball fundamentals. We emphasize defense, ball handling, shooting, transition, teamwork, passing, and footwork. We also believe in the valuable life lessons they learn in sports that prepare the girls to be successful throughout their lives.

We value all the girls on our team and aim to help them all reach their potential. Playing time will be determined by work ethic, attitude, hustle, and being a team player. Generally, we will be committed to give each player at least one quarter of playing time per game. 

Board (We are currently seeking one or two parents for our board):

Kim Mains, Director
OPEN, Member
OPEN, Member
OPEN, Member

If your daughter is interested in playing, please sign up for our mailing list (below), as well as any message or question you may have.


What is a feeder league?

Every high school has elementary schools, and sometimes more than one middle school, who’s students will attend the same high school.

Most students of Briarcrest, Brookside, Lake Forest Park and Ridgecrest Elementary schools will go on to middle school at Kellogg. And those students will attend Shorecrest High School. Therefore, the Shorecrest High School girl’s feeder league teams will include students from those schools.

A feeder league consists of teams, organized by grade, that essentially represent an area high school. In some ways, these leagues serve as previews of what the high school teams may look like in the next four years. (Of course, not every girl on a feeder team may end up playing in high school, and likewise, not every girl who plays on a high school team will be on a feeder team.)

Does my daughter have to attend one of the aforementioned elementary schools?

Any girl that lives in the Shorecrest HS district is eligible.  It includes kids that may go to Cascade K8, Evergreen, St-Marks, home schooled, etc.

What if my high school doesn’t have a feeder program?

Then they can participate on the feeder team of a neighboring high school. Players from outside the Shorecrest district would be ranked behind eligible Shorecrest-area players.

How does my daughter get on a team?

Tryouts will be in late September or early October at Shorecrest High School. Sign up on our tryouts page.

What are the criteria for who will make the teams?

Our intent, based on numbers, is to find a way to include everyone who tries out. This might mean a practice squad, two teams, or just enough for one team. Players will be chosen based on a mix of basketball skill, athletic ability and experience. But other attributes, including level of commitment, discipline, hard work, positive attitude and what kind of a teammate a player would be to other players are equally important and will be factored in to final team roster selection. 

Why are tryouts so soon? Will practices start right after tryouts?

In order for the league to schedule games and locations in a timely manner, they need to know how many teams will be participating. Unfortunately, we were asked to have our team rosters set by Oct 6. Despite the early tryouts, practices will not be starting immediately after tryouts. Each team’s coach will be in touch with the player’s parents to set up a practice schedule. But we don’t anticipate that starting prior to mid-to-late October, at the earliest.

How much will it cost?

The fee for this year is still being determined, but will include: uniform (matching top and bottom), sweatshirt, PSTL team fee, coach fee, gym rental, and at least four home games. Past fees have ranged between $400 and $650 dollars.

We do recognize there are some for which that cost can be prohibitive, and we always make full and partial scholarships available. We’ll post the exact price as soon we know.

When will practices and games begin?

Games will begin either the last weekend in November or the first weekend in December and run through early March - about 15 games. We’ll try to have training throughout the fall, but team practices will probably begin in early November and go throughout the season. Unfortunately, we have to have tryouts now because the league we’re hoping to join requires roster information by October 6.

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